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Ovation Healthcare

Office holiday video.

My responsibility I was tasked with crafting a series of holiday videos to notify employees of office closures during different festive seasons, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas. In these videos, I added a touch of holiday spirit by adorning our signature toggle with themed accessories, creating a cheerful and festive atmosphere for each occasion.

ovation healthcare

display ad.


I created this display ad for Ovation Healthcare to entice users to click on our website and draw in traffic. The overall goal of this project was to increase brand presence, drive brand engagement and boost our website traffic.

Ovation Healthcare

toggle animation.

With the new rebranding of Ovation Healthcare, we needed to showcase the new name and symbol in a way that was consistent and clean. I utilized Adobe After Effects for this animation which allowed us to present this idea quickly and effectively.

medco services



If you want to keep an edge on your competitors and win top talent, you’ll need to know the right way to show off your company culture to potential applicants — and video is a great place to start. This video is a short highlight reel that gives prospective employees an inside look at MedCo Services. The video functions as an advertisement that accurately sells all the reasons why an applicant should want to join, and was best implemented when included on the career page and shared on social media.

MedCo Services

claim status.

MedCo Services works exclusively with healthcare systems to create solutions. MedCo’s Automated Claim Status enables healthcare systems to automate communications between the provider and the payer in concerns of health care claims, enabling speedy payments for services rendered and less paperwork for providers.

I had to create a teaser video for a claim status with animated graphics. I incorporated captivating text, background music, and visually appealing visual elements to entice B2B transactions. I worked independently and managed my own queue in order to meet all deadlines with high-quality work.

UWA Honors day 2021.

Each spring, the University of West Alabama recognizes academic achievements at Honors Day Convocation. Awards are presented from colleges and divisions, honor society inductions, outstanding student award recipients, and others who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields.

As the film/video editor, I was responsible for managing a vast amount of material such as camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to produce the final project. This is an extremely time-consuming task that required me to schedule studio time with over 40 faculty, staff, and students to record award recognitions. It was incredibly rewarding once this was completed..

2021 IMC3 conference.

IMC3 is the Integrated Marketing Communications Creative Competition that gives high school students the opportunity to compete for a scholarship to The University of West Alabama. Video instructions for each competition were provided to give further instructions for each contest.


As a project member of the IMC3 Conference, I was responsible for filming students and faculty to explain the IMC3 Conference. In addition, I helped edit each video’s sound, composition, transitions, and titles. This project is essential to the success of this conference because it allowed us to communicate our mission for each competition by highlighting key information and demonstrating instructions.





    go west online orientation.

    Go West Orientation consists of informative sessions designed to enhance your new student’s experience at The University of West Alabama. Go West is offered prior to each semester and will inform you what it takes to be a successful student at UWA.

    As the video producer, I was responsible for researching each department during orientation and creating an engaging script. Additionally, I planned, coordinated, and filmed content with ambassadors to create a high-quality video that will be shared across UWA’s incoming freshman students. 



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