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Hays Cakes & Bakes

The project.

Hay’s Cakes & Bakes is a new bakery business made by Hayden Turner. Hayden began her business within her kitchen at home. As she progressed her baking entrepreneurship, she learned that she was in need of a brand identity. By adopting a modern, clean-cut look and focusing on the delicious treats that Hayden creates, I created a logo that reflects the quality of her product and defines the quality of her work.

The challenge.

Hay’s Cakes & Bakes is a high quality, home-based bakery famous for its mouthwatering desserts and pastries. I was given the great challenge of designing a logo for this bakery. Designing a logo for the client was a challenge as there were only three guidelines for this project: it had to be green, have eucalyptus flowers, and look casual. After crafting multiple options and creating two different formulas of eucalytus flowers and tying them together with the name of Hay’s Cakes & Bakes, I finally chose one that incorporated all three requests. As is with every other logo design I create, it needed to be suitable as a digital design or printed on packaging material.

The results.

A sophisticated and simple logo for Hays Cakes & Bakes. A neutral color palette was used throughout the marketing materials to promote her new business, ensuring that the brand presentation was consistent from start to finish. Assets include business cards, stickers, cake boxes, & aprons.




Hay’s Cakes & Bakes


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