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Volunteering with HFMA Alabama’s Communication Committee

The Healthcare Finance profession is both dynamic and rewarding, offering opportunities for professionals to significantly impact their organizations and communities. The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) of Alabama is a key player in this field, providing essential resources, networking opportunities, knowledge, and education to healthcare financial management professionals.

Involvement: As a dedicated member of HFMA Alabama, I volunteer my time with the Communication Committee, contributing to the organization’s mission by leveraging my skills in graphic design. My primary responsibility involves creating graphics for social media campaigns, a role that combines creativity with strategic communication to enhance HFMA Alabama’s online presence and engagement.

Annual Institute Event: One of the major projects I work on is the social media campaign for the HFMA Alabama Annual Institute event, held in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This high-profile event brings together healthcare finance professionals for a few days of learning, networking, and professional development.

Campaign Focus: The campaign for the Annual Institute involves a comprehensive approach to highlight various aspects of the event:

  • Keynote Speakers: We create engaging graphics to introduce and promote keynote speakers, ensuring attendees are excited and informed about the expert insights they will gain.
  • Panelist Interviews: Through visually appealing graphics, we share interview snippets and insights from panelists, adding a personal touch and fostering a connection between the audience and the speakers.
  • Sponsors: Acknowledging the support of sponsors is crucial. We design graphics that showcase their contributions, enhancing their visibility and demonstrating HFMA Alabama’s appreciation.

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Impact: The social media campaign for the Annual Institute has been highly effective in boosting engagement and attendance. The visually compelling graphics attract attention, convey essential information, and build excitement around the event. Our efforts on the Communication Committee not only enhance the visibility of HFMA Alabama but also contribute to the professional growth of its members.

Conclusion: Volunteering with HFMA Alabama’s Communication Committee is a fulfilling experience that allows me to apply my graphic design skills in a meaningful way. By creating impactful social media campaigns, I help amplify the association’s initiatives and contribute to the success of its events, ultimately supporting the professional development of healthcare financial management professionals in Alabama.

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